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EYECRYL PLUS ™ ASPHERIC SERIES (Clear Aspheric with Hydrophobic Surface Foldable Lens)
Hydrophobic Surface Acrylic Foldable IOL with Delivery System


Conventional spherical IOLs have positive spherical aberrations resulting in decreased contrast sensitivity.

Eyecryl Plus Aspheric Series IOLs are aberration free IOLs with aspheric optic. The aberration free design provides good performance and vision even in case of zonular weakness, decentered pupils and tilting of lens. Eyecryl Plus Aspheric Series IOLs have been tested for +0.5 mm of decentration and 5° of tilting. The visual function in all lighting conditions improves drastically.

As shown in the diagrams below, in case of Eyecryl Plus Aspheric Series IOLs, the diopter remains uniform from central optical zone to the optical edge, whereas in case of conventional spherical IOL diopter shift is evident outside the central optical zone of 3.0 mm.


Technical Specifications:

Model HSAS 600 HSAS 600ROH
Lens Material Foldable acrylate and UV-absorber Foldable acrylate and UV-absorber
Refractive Index 1.462 1.462
Optic Size 6.0 mm 6.0 mm
Overall Size 12.5mm 12.5mm
Estimated A-Constant 118.0 118.0
ACD 4.96 4.96
Diopter Range +5 To 30 D +5 To 30 D
Edge Type 360° Square Eddge 360° Square Eddge


  • Aberration free optic for better depth of visual field
  • 360 ° square edge with Hydrophobic Surface to postpone PCO
  • Enhances contrast sensitivity, sharpness and clarity in all lighting conditions
  • Optical purity, no vacuoles
  • Smooth lens surface reduces bacterial adhesion and inflammatory cell response
  • Higher contact angle increases hydrophobicity
  • Lower surface energy inhibits cell growth & cell adherence thus postponing the PCO
  • Resistance to silicon oil adherence
  • High Biocompatibility
  • Facilities placement of the lens and reduces trauma to the patient by allowing for a smaller incision during surgery
  • Implantation without substantial risk of corneal endothelial cell damage
  • Insensitive to atmospheric temperature changes as compared to hydrophobic IOLs
  • Less attractive to airborn particles in operational field
  • Exact refractive value of the IOL is printed along with diopter on the box

Additional Features of HSAS600:

  • Universally accepted haptic design which postpones PCO

Additional Features of HSAS600ROH:

  • Open haptic design for better centration & stability in capsular bag

Hydrophobic Surface Modification:

Surface modification offers a hydrophillic lens with surface properties similar to hydrophobic lens without changing the bulk properties of the IOL material.

The idea behind surface modification of Hydrophillic IOL is to make it more hydrophobic & render it less attractive to cell attachment and cell growth.

Hydrophollic acrylic material has a proven clinical history and acceptability within ophthalmic segment. We are providing a major advantage to this material by providing a permanent hydrophollic acrylic polymer.


Contact Angle:

Hydrophobicity can be monitored by water contact angle measurement sessile drop method (contact angle increases in case of surface modified IOLs). Contact angle prevails about 35° - 45° incase of conventional hydrophobic IOL, which increases up to 75° - 85° in case of surface modified hydrophobic IOL. Pictures of measuring contact angle are shown below:


Refraction Value:

The Refraction value mentioned on the lens label is the actual value of measurement after all the manufacturing processes (including surface modification of hydrophobic lenses).

Surgery Video - HSAS600

Surgery Video - HSAS600ROH


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