Göz İçi Lensleri Hydrophobic Lenses

(Natural Yellow Hydrophobic Series)

Hydrophobic IOLs are made with unique posterior edge design without compromising inherent optical properties of Intraocular lens.

The image below compares the Power Maps of Natural Yellow Hydrophobic Aspheric (on the left) with Conventional Spherical IOLs (shown on the right) -

Technical Specifications:

Model ASHFY600
Type Single Piece
Material Natural Yellow Hydrophobic Material
Refractive Index 1.483
Optical Shape Biconvex
Optical Diameter 6.0 mm
Overall Length 12.5
Estimated A-Constant 118.5
ACD 5.28 mm
Power Range From +5.0D to +30.0D (by 1/2 diopter from +15.0D to +25.0D)
Sterilization By EO
Indication Phacoemulsification
Implantation Capsular Bag


  • Aspheric Optic
  • Can be implanted through sub 2.8 mm of incision
  • Better image quality because of negative spherical aberration to compensate positive spherical aberration of cornea
  • 360° Advanced Square Edge
  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity, sharpness and clarity in all lighting conditions
  • Smooth lens surface reduces bacterial adhesion and inflammatory cell response

Below: Transmission scan shows Blue light filtration property (in region 400 - 500nm) compared to conventional IOL with UV absorber.

Conventional IOLs with UV absorber are not able to protect the retina from dangerous high energy blue light. High energy blue light is a part of visible light spectrum which has great role in formation of Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD).

Eyecryl Plus Natural Yellow Hydrophobic IOL has a cross linked blue light filter in addition to UV aborber. Protective properties of these lenses resemble those offered by natural human lens.

These lenses demonstrate excellent visual outcomes without altering the color perception and contrast sensitivity of a patient.

Surgery Video - Eyecryl Plus Natural Yellow Hydrophobic Series

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